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January 2014

We've posted two new flyers for the new year! Page 189 is full of pieces for the garden and Page 190 is for St. Valentines and Easter. As always don't forget to check our New Releases page for examples of all the new pieces as well as previous releases.

New Releases

We've released two new flyers, page 187 and page 188. We've also posted 4 galleries of shots of all the various pieces in these releases. Additionally the new Garden Post requires some explanation as it is customizable.

Garden Post Assembly

The series of photos display how the garden posts are assembled. Garden posts simply stack easily and securely over a secure ground stake.

Stencils Overhaul

We've redesigned how we are delivering stencils to you. We've changed it so that it is much simpler. You can either download all the stencils we offer at once or you can download them based on a few basic categories. Just click the link and a PDF file of the stencils for the group will be downloaded to your system, from there you can print the individual stencil(s) you want. Check out the Stencil page to try it out now!

Christmas 2013!

Merry Christmas! We're a bit early, but you should be too, our new releases are out for Christmas 2013, pages 185 and 186.

We've also made a small change to our catalog page, the dropdown selector to choose which catalog page to view is now sorted in descending order (newest to oldest), so you don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom to find the latest and greatest Clay Magic products. The page will automatically load the latest catalog page, we hope this simple change makes navigating the most recent products more convenient.


We've posted a bunch of individual shots of the new Angel pieces from the most recent release. You can check them out in the new releases!

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